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What is Pheromone ?

In order to interact with other members of their own species, creatures, especially mammals and insects, produce chemical signals called pheromones. These chemical cues are essential for many biological processes, including social behaviour, territorial marking, and mating.

Pheromones are a kind of chemical communication used by animals to communicate information about their reproductive condition, mate-ready status, and territorial borders. The olfactory system picks up on these chemical cues, which impact the receiving organism’s physiology or behaviour.

Because pheromones are species-specific, different species create different pheromones and react to different pheromones. They’re frequently divided into groups according to their roles:

Releaser pheromones: These trigger an instantaneous behavioural reaction, like luring a mate or starting a particular mating habit.

Primer Pheromones: These affect physiological changes such as puberty or the menstrual cycle, and their impacts are more slow and long-lasting.

What is Pheromone ?

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