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Things To Do In Port Of Spain

Things To Do In Port Of Spain

Port of Spain holds a significant position within the hearts of people, perhaps more so for Trinis more than Tobagans.

The city is the center of the nation’s growing economy, and the seat of the media and government as well as the heart of Trinidad’s rich culture. Port in Spain is the location where Carnival was first introduced in Trinidad and was also the place where the steel pans were invented.

Despite its obvious appeal, Port of Spain is often overlooked as a popular tourist destination. People are usually dissuaded due to the reputation of the city as a narcotics hotspot. Additionally, the initial impressions portray a smoky conurbation that is brimming with traffic streets and smoky commercial structures. There’s very few reasons to remain. I would like to list the top experiences to have at Port of Spain and persuade you that it’s worth taking a few days off of every Caribbean itinerary.

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Walking Around Queen’s Park Savannah

Queen’s Park Savannah is a large open space that separates the central Port of Spain from the more upscale areas in the town. It was designed by city planners who were forward-thinking in the early 1800s, and is now able to give Port of Spain some much-needed breathing room.

Despite the constant traffic that flows within this park, the space is serene and serene. The beautiful old trees offer a some relief from the summer heat. Families pack picnics. Children run around. Joggers jog along the trails. A group of friends plays impromptu cricket games. It’s a wonderful place to spend an half an hour or so.

The construction of permanent structures is not permitted within Queen’s Park Savannah, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t an variety of stalls and carts that set up shop along the boundary when the sun sets. There you can find various street foods such as barbecued chicken, corn soup and oysters that are dipped in a spicy pepper sauce. In the chilly season (March between March and April) you can purchase handmade kites referred to in the industry as Mad Bulls. Many of these colorful designs flying across the savannah create an excellent photography chance!

When it’s Carnival time The Princess’s Park Savannah is transformed with stages and grandstands that form the center of the festivities.

Explore the Botanical Gardens

The skies were glistening with rain during our visit to at the Botanical Gardens in Port of Spain however it did not detract from our pleasure all that much. The lush oasis is worth one or two hours of your time.

The gardens were first established on the 18th of January,1818 by Gov. Woodford as well as Botanist David Lockhart. The collection of over 700 trees in the gardens is among most ancient in western Europe. It offers a welcome shade from the scorching heat from the sun (as as a shelter from rainfall!). The garden is well-maintained with paths that allow you to walk around the grounds. Be sure to check out the fascinating cemetery that displays the gravestones that are crumbling Governors of Trinidad.

Go on an Nighttime Food Tour

The wide selection available Trinidadian street foods is the highlight of every trip to Trinidad. While you can just pick a few food vendors on yourself, it’s better to arrange tours and experience an authentic experience. We booked a night tour of food through Viator and thought it was a good investment. It was actually the highlight of our trip. Although we had spent time in Trinidad and Tobago for four months, when we took the tour of the food, we gained so many things.

Anthony our friendly and knowledgeable guide took us to the hotel at the right time. Then we went to a different Hotel in town to meet two other guests who were on the trip one mother and daughter from the US with roots in Trinidad. We drove together to the first stop to eat corn soup. While we were driving, Anthony regaled us with stories of the island and its culture, history, and cuisine. His enthusiasm for his topic was contagious!

The itinerary is planned so that the drive between food stops let the participants to digest what they’ve had and to prepare for what’s coming. After our soup, we ate geera pork sandwiches beef roti, doubles and refreshing and palate-cleansing Soursop Ice-cream to close. It was a three-hour experience with great people, fascinating conversations, great food and lots of laughter highly recommended!

Enjoy the NAPA Building

The modern National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) structure with its steel arcs and glass appears unnatural in the buildings built by colonial builders which surround it close to Queen’s Park Savannah. I like it because it isn’t possible to enter! The building was shut down in 2014 by safety and health officials in 2014 after certain areas of the structure were considered to be hazardous.

The project was controversial undertaking since its beginning. It was ordered from the Patrick Manning government PNM government and constructed at a cost of $500 million. When it first opened in 2009 it was criticized for being an uninspiring white elephant because of the poor quality of its construction and non-suitability for a space for performance. It had a myriad of design imperfections, not the least of which was an area for loading backstage that was that was so small that even the steel drum could be squeezed through! This, in conjunction with an analog (rather as digital) lighting and sound system, meant that the structure was not suited to its purpose. In addition there was no maintenance program established and in a matter of a few years, the building was found to be in need of repairs with stage supports that were deteriorating and tiles falling off the exterior, and foundations sinking. Therefore, the NAPA facility was shut down! It is unclear if the building will ever be reopened? At present, it’s an intriguing addition to the Port of Spain’s line-of-sight!


Port of Spain has a large selection of retail stores to please the most demanding customers. There are several American-style malls as along with the more traditional stores. Charlotte Street, off Independence Square is well worth a visit. It’s lined with shops for fabrics as well as general stores, and colorful street stalls that sell everything from vegetables and fruits to shoes, clothes and souvenirs from the import market. It’s an exciting spot to walk around.

Don’t be deceived by the aromas of delicious food coming from the roti stores. For just a few dollars, you’ll be eating like the king! Your senses will be awed. Reggae and soca music will be heard throughout the place and battling with cars’ horns, as drivers get annoyed trying to cross the small gap between stands. It’s the ideal spot to find an affordable price on a bargain in Port of Spain and a ideal place to purchase spices to bring to home.

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