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Fort Louis

Famous Places Of Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a nation located on the southern portion of the Caribbean island that is shared by Saint Martin, a French overseas collection. Its natural attractions span beaches, lagoons, as well as salt pans. The capital city, Philipsburg is a city with cobblestone streets, as well as colorful colonial-style houses that line the Front Street shopping area. Philipsburg is a popular port cruise-ship destination.

It is a beautiful island. Saint Martin is truly a jewel in the Caribbean. Saint Martin is known for its incredible nature, the distinct blend of traditions, its rich past as well as its tasty cuisine and the myriad of fascinating activities for everyone to take part in. There’s a lot to do on this small island that lies within both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The terrain that is St. Martin varies from hills and lush terrain to stunning white beaches dotted with palm trees that sway. The beautiful and rugged terrain that is Sint Maarten is something that travelers around the globe travel to see. Saint Martin has 37 different beautiful and exclusive beaches to visit as well as a variety of historical places to visit along with nature reserves and activities to enjoy. There’s a lot to explore throughout the entire island however there are certain activities and places within St. Maarten that stand above others.You can book your cheap flight from Belize city to Sint Maarten with lowest flight fares and enjoy the trip.

The famous places of Sint Maarten are listed below

Fort Louis

Fort Louis sits atop a hill that is located within Marigot Bay, French Saint Martin and is one of the oldest constructions that are located on the Island of Saint Martin. The structure was built in 1789. It was built within the town of Marigot due to the fact that it was at that time Marigot had numerous warehouses for storing goods like sugarcane, coffee, rum, and salt. The settlers constructed Fort Louis so that they could shield their products from attacks by invaders and enemies.

Fort Louis overlooks Marigot Bay and offers breathtaking views. From Fort Louis you can see towns like Marigot, Baie Nettle, Simpson bay, and even as much as Anguilla. It is a short, but steep climb to the fort, where you can view replicas of cannons frequently used in battles between French as well as the English in the 18th century.

Fort Louis is a historical place that is ideal for people who want to take in a little of the rich culture of St. Maarten and take delight in the stunning sights Saint Martin has to offer. Fort Louis is a great spot for different kinds of ages and backgrounds. About 10,000 people annually come to Fort Louis. Admission to Fort Louis is free. The climb to Fort Louis is thought to be strenuous and generally takes between 20-30 minutes. It’s important to carry an empty bottle of water along.

Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm is a private nature reserve situated on the crest in Pic Paradis in French Saint Martin. This Farm was founded by Bill “BJ” Welch, actor who left Hollywood to live a more peaceful life in the wilderness. He transformed a former plantation on the island Saint Martin into the lush green oasis Loterie Farm is known to be to be today.

Loterie Farm has many different activities that are suitable for people of all different ages and backgrounds. There are a variety of cabanas available for guests who want to relax and soak in the sun. There are a variety of Jacuzzis and pools on the property Ziplining trails, climbing courses, and obstacles courses for the brave in addition to a myriad of bar and restaurant options near the pool. Numerous tourists of all backgrounds and ages come at Loterie Farm to enjoy the stunningly relaxing nature, the scenery and wildlife.

Loterie Farm is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am until 3:00 at night. The cost for different activities are subject to change. Access to trails is about 6 dollars (5 euro) per person, or $30 (26 euros) for a person who has the aid of a guide. Ziplining lessons typically cost $46 (40 Euros) per person. There are several options for renting Cabanas for couples at the price of $98 (85 euro)) or for up to 10 persons at a cost of $256 (220 Euros). Whichever activity you decide to undertake, It will no doubt be a memorable vacation in St. Maarten.

Seaside Nature Park

Seaside Nature Park is 30 acres of untamed and natural landscapes located on Saint Martin’s island. Saint Martin and is a just a short distance from the densely populated region that is Cay Bay in Dutch Sint Maarten. This private paradise in an urban bustle is a special location located in St. Maarten. Seaside Nature Park was built to teach visitors about nature and preserve the natural habitat throughout Saint Martin and throughout the world. The horses are free to roam the grounds and there are other animals to be petted, which is truly a fun experience for everyone who comes to.

Seaside Nature Park has a variety of thrilling activities for everyone to enjoy like riding lessons for horses at the stables with luck and trail hikes along with the beachside pavilion, as well in the beaches nearby, as well as the petting zoo, which is situated on the site. There are a variety of animals to view in the Seaside Nature Park including goats and pigs, sheep donkeys, horses turtles, peacocks, turkeys and iguanas as well as chickens and ducks. Nearly all animals at Seaside Nature Park are open to be observed and it’s an enjoyable sight to watch animals roaming free throughout the park. The cost for horseback rides vary from $75-$150 per ride. Children must be older than six years old to be able to take part in the horseback rides.

Friar’s Bay

Friar’s Bay is one of the most well-known and family-friendly beaches found within the islands of Saint Martin. It is located within the town of Grand Case and Marigot, Friar’s Bay is famous for its crystal clear water which is protected from strong winds. This allows for a calm tide that children and people who don’t have strong swimmers are able to take care of.

Friar’s Bay is located close to the city of culinary excellence in St. Maarten “Grand Case” and there are plenty of excellent French restaurants and bars that line the beaches like Kali’s Beach Bar and Friar’s Beach Bar which is where you and your family can dine on delicious food along with refreshing cocktails. In these bars, there’s frequently live entertainment and dancing. An unforgettable experience for the entire family.

Friar’s Bay is also known for its family-friendly nature in that the majority of people are dressed in full on the beach, which is not the case with the other less sexy beach areas in Saint Martin. The result is that it’s a suitable family alternative for people who would like to go to a place that is fully clad.

Grand Case

If you’re seeking to savor some tasty food, Grand Case in French Saint Martin is the right place to be. It is located on the northern part on the Island, Grand Case is known as the culinary capital in St. Maarten. Grand Case is famous for having numerous restaurants and bakeries that line the streets. The blend of Caribbean as well as European culture can be observed in the food served that is served in Grand Case, which is something that everyone from all backgrounds can relish.

Grand Case is not only well-known for its fantastic food, but also for its stunning golden beach, which is shielded from the wind as well as waves from the sea. This creates some of the most tranquil waters found on St. Maarten’s island. St. Maarten. This makes it a great place for families as well as people who don’t have the best swimming skills. In this area there are plenty of excellent restaurants and beachfront bars and even dance parties and live music. Grand Case is a famous neighborhood located in Saint Martin that is known for its amazing nightlife.

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