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CRISPR knockout screen

CRISPR Screen technology is used for high-throughput screening, a large number of gene mutant cells can be generated, and the mutant cell library can be screened under the stimulation of different external environments. Through high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, the relationship between phenotype and genotype can be further determined. Moreover, the high-throughput screening based on CRISPR/Cas9 library also overcomes the problems of low transfection efficiency and the ability to suppress gene expression only at the mRNA level faced by RNA interference screening technology. It has great scientific research value and broad application space in the era of precision medicine.

To address the emerging needs of research communities, CD Genomics has developed an affordable, reliable, and high-throughput strategy for CRISPR Screen sequencing by harnessing amplicon based next-generation sequencing. Our CRISPR Screen sequencing service can give you direct and detailed information about sgRNA and targeted gene analysis and functional enrichment analysis, to help researchers study genes functions in a high-throughput fashion.

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