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Category: Health

Mirna mrna integrated analysis

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are key regulators of gene expression and their dysregulation has been associated with various diseases. Understanding the interactions between miRNAs and messenger RNAs (mRNAs) is crucial for unraveling gene regulatory networks and discovering diagnostic and prognostic markers. CD Genomics offers a comprehensive miRNA-mRNA interaction analysis service to investigate these relationships using deep sequencing and advanced bioinformatics techniques.

3 Tag RNA-Seq

Tag-Seq is a high-throughput sequencing approach that is primarily used for characterizing gene expression levels and identifying novel transcripts. The data generated by the service can be useful for a wide range of applications, including gene expression studies, biomarker discovery, and transcriptome annotation.

mlst genotyping

Multi-locus sequence typing (MLST) is a molecular biology method with high resolution based on the analysis of internal fragments of multiple housekeeping genes by PCR and sequencing. It can be used to identify and classify unidentified bacterial and fungal organisms at the species and strain levels. It has been applied in both molecular epidemiological studies and molecular evolution analysis. We provide MLST service to help…

smrt sequencing vs illumina

CD Genomics’ single molecule, real-time sequencing (SMRT)-based microbial targeted and whole-genome sequencing services can help you with precise microbial identification, generation of complete reference genomes, comparative genomic studies, and genomic exploitation. The applications for SMRT-based genome sequencing vary. Just to list a few: accurate microbial identification, microbial genomic characterization, pathogen detection, environmental monitoring, and routine testing of raw materials for bacterial contamination.

CRISPR knockout screen

CRISPR Screen technology is used for high-throughput screening, a large number of gene mutant cells can be generated, and the mutant cell library can be screened under the stimulation of different external environments. Through high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, the relationship between phenotype and genotype can be further determined. Moreover, the high-throughput screening based on CRISPR/Cas9 library also overcomes the problems of low transfection efficiency…

Fungal sequencing

CD Genomics provides fungal whole genome sequencing with the PacBio Sequel system to offer more insights into genetic structure and functions. We are best in the knowledge, practice, and experience. Fungi play vital roles in the biosphere and are closely related to human life with important medical and economic value. Fungi are involved in a wide range of activities—some fungi are decomposers, parasites or pathogens…

ATAC sequencing

CD Genomics is now able to provide Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin with high-throughput sequencing (ATAC-seq), a method for mapping chromatin accessibility genome-wide. The method is a fast and sensitive alternative to DNase-seq (DNase I hypersensitive sites sequencing) or MNase-seq (micrococcal nuclease sensitive sites sequencing). By using our service, you can detect genome-wide profiles of open and accessible regions of chromatin that are indicative of active…